The Algarve - Best Beach Destination

Friday, 06 May 2022 -

When considering the "best beach destination," it's critical to establish what that term means to us. There are numerous absolutely stunning beaches on remote tropical islands that exemplify paradise and the postcard-perfect image that people love to share on Instagram.

In some of these instances, the infrastructure is lacking, and reaching these tropical islands can take days. When I consider the Algarve as a package, several important points come to mind: ease of access from mainland Europe, the United Kingdom, and increasingly good flight options from the United States and other worldwide destinations into Lisbon, which is only a few hours drive or a 30-minute internal flight from the Algarve. The Algarve is only about 155 kilometres long, but it boasts more than 100 beaches! Many of them are blue flag beaches with excellent facilities, including lifeguards during the season. We have a great deal of variety, from extensive sandy stretches along the Ria Formosa to beaches like Praia da Falesia and Meia Praia. On the other hand, there's also a network of beaches bordered by caves and rock formations that combine to create idyllic beaches that genuinely live up to the "picture postcard" benchmark.

We have such distinctive locales as Ponte de Peidade in Lagos, which features cliff faces, sandy beaches, and rock pools with emerald-green waters ideal for snorkelling and paddleboarding. Bengil Cave, an icon of the coastline and a "must-see" location, is also to be found on the Algarve coast.

Simply put, the Algarve has a beach for everyone, something to stimulate your senses and emotions in every way. The Algarve's climate is, of course, another marvel. Summer is  a major draw for visitors, and we are frequently fully booked throughout the season. However, the Algarve averages over 300 days of sunshine per year, and the beaches are just as beautiful to explore throughout the off-season months of September to March. During the winter, it is not uncommon to find yourself alone on a beach with 20-degree sunshine, which is rather exceptional!


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