Algarve Yacht Charters Portugal
Take a look at the wonderful Algarve coastline!

Algarve Yacht Charters Portugal

ALGARVE YACHT CHARTERS and boat tours with the best selection or trips throughout mainland Portugal, the Algarve and the Açores. Discover some of the best...

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Algarve Yacht Charters - Portugal

Portugal is a nation with a deep relationship to the ocean, geographically, historically and economically it has the sea at its heart and salt in its soul.

ALGARVE - Yacht Charter and Boat Rental In Portugal´s Southern Paradise

Portugal is one of the wonders of the world with its diversity of coastline offering some stunning scenery with the added benefit of great weather - the Algarve region in the south boasts an average of 300 days of sunshine each year luring tourists from the world over! 

Is Portugal good for Yacht Charters? 

Simply put, yes! Portugal is one of the best countries in Europe for yacht charters, be it a half day or for term charter Portugal is well suited to yacht chartering with great coastline, highly regulated safety protocols, luxury yachts and a friendly and multilingual population.

Which are the best Yacht Charter areas in Portugal?

When planning your vacation in Portugal its important to get your bearings geographically and think regionally, or as an alternative book a yachting vacation and spend a week discovering the coastline by boat. For simplicity’s sake we can divide Portugal into the well-known destinations such as: 
The Algarve
Madeira and The Açores 

The area between Lisbon and Porto is commonly known as the Silver Coast, From Troia (south of Lisbon) the Blue Coast then stretches down through Alentejo to meet with the Algarve Coast. 

Lisbon and Porto are both located on famous rivers and as such can offer ocean cruises or cruises exploring the rivers. In Lisbon we have the Tagus River which has its origins in the mountains of the Sistema Ibérico, Spain. (It is actually the longest river on the Iberian Peninsula stretching over 1000km). Likewise, Porto is situated on a river with its origins in Spain (Soria Province) – The Douro, an impressive 900km River with 15 dams that provides irrigation for agriculture and hydro power enroute to the ocean. The Douro region itself is world renowned for the wines and of course Port wine. These rivers can both be explored by boat. 

Is the Algarve the best destination for Yacht Charters? 

In the opinion of many, yes! The Algarve region of Portugal which occupies the southern strip of land on the Portuguese coast is home to over 100 beaches and some of the most beautiful coastline in the world. 
The Algarve stretches 155km from the border of Spain to the European mainland’s most westerly point, Cabo da Roca. The coastline in the Algarve, particularly between the Ria Formosa and Lagos is the hotspot for yacht charters and boat trips. With its rock formations, hidden beaches, the famous Benagil cave, the nature reserves of the Ria Formosa, beach front restaurants serving local catches and a host of other attractions there is no doubt that the Algarve is one of the world’s best destinations for boat tours to suit groups of all sizes. 

Madeira and The Açores 
Madeira offers drama on every scale with its stunning vistas, coastline, cliffs, and the colours contrasting from deep greens and blues perforated by the tropical flora, it truly is an island paradise surrounded by an ocean bursting with life. Likewise, the Açores Archipelago which boasts 9 main islands and lies to the southwest of mainland Portugal, is an ever-popular tourist destination. The Ocean is such a feature here and diving and dolphin watching are just a few of the great attractions that need to me on your “must do” list.

Latest Testimonials
Tim Reeve // + Colombia  + Benagil Cave   June 2023

“It's a must! Amazing experience for someone who wants to witness the beauty of the Algarve's atlantic ocean in the best fanciest and personalized way. Worth every penny!! ”

Alan Edwards // + Colombia  + Vilamoura Yacht Charters   June 2023

“Amazing sunset cruise in Algarve! Boats go from Vilamoura Marina with lots of amenities like parking, restaurants and bars. Boat was in perfect condition and crew was absolutely amazing, thank you Sandra for your hospitality and João for all the arrangements you made. Had an amazing time with friends. It’s absolutely worth it”

Darryl // + Baco  + Praia da Galé   October 2022

“Sights were amazing, boat is a beauty! The whole trip was idyllic with a great crew - thank you! Cannot recommend enough.”

Jordan // + A Mar -Flybridge Yacht  + Praia da Marinha   September 2022

“Hired a boat trip with timeless moments in Portimão and had a fantastic day the 3 crew members Pedro, Sandra and Andre couldn't do enough for us , lots of food and drinks throughout the journey I would highly recommend to anyone looking for the best day ever..”


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