Social Distancing and Coronavirus Vacations in The Bahamas

Wednesday, 21 October 2020 -

What about Social Distancing at sea? You're not the only one thinking about that. Travel experts believe that yacht charter will become the future of luxury travel when quarantine comes to an end. The private yachts are self-contained, hygienic and perfectly suited to Social Distancing vacations alone or with your family. 

How to escape all the people in the Bahamas? The Bahamas do have hundreds of cays, calm blue seas and soft sand beaches. This tropical paradise is great for serenity and self-isolation. Expect to explore untouched islets, play with water toys in shallow water, and see some spectacular sights that you can't experience anywhere else in the world. 

The most popular destination for the Bahamas with a private yacht charter is the Exumas islands. 


What makes the Bahamas perfect for your vacations during the pandemic?


Imagine a charter destination so well-suited to a Social Distancing vacation. Here's what makes the Bahamas so perfect for a private yacht charter during this time:


  • Natural beauty and scenic beauties


  • The yacht charter itineraries around the Bahamas include plenty of natural attractions and landmarks, as opposed to beach clubs, restaurants or other social venues. 


  • Easy to practice Social Distancing while exploring the Bahamas by boat and you can still experience all the region's famous attractions. Being on a private yacht charter means that you can choose the best times to visit each point of interest, so you can avoid the crowds if you want to. Flexibility is the best part of private yacht charters.


  • Lots of anchorages spots and places to moor.
    Calm weather and Shallow waters make the Bahamas home to plenty of anchorages and mooring opportunities away from the marinas. You can spend your whole charter on the and avoid visiting marinas and harbours. 


  • Private flights
    A selection of small airports that make private aviation simple and safe. For people who wish to avoid flying commercially, the Bahamas has a good selection of airports which cater to private flights.



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