São Rafael Beach

SÃO RAFAEL BEACH Albufeira. A cosy beach on a stretch of coastline featuring many rock formations and coves, ideal for exploring by boat.

Praia São Rafael - Albufeira

There are various little beaches along this length of the coastline that make it a popular destination for boat cruises and tours, including Praia São Rafael, which is close to Albufeira Marina. To go from one beach to the next, you'll have to climb up and down the surrounding cliffs, but if you visit the area by boat, you'll get a better view of the stunning coastline.

We frequently travel to this region on our three- and four-hour cruises from Timeless Moments, where we can find a great site to drop anchor and spend extra time playing in the water. Naturally, the anchorage is determined by the direction of the wind, but on a quiet day, we may enjoy an anchorage in paradise, with the sandstone cliffs, blue sky, and emerald waters creating a marvelous perspective. 





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São Rafael By Boat