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RIA FORMOSA BOAT TRIPS into the Formosa to explore the region and its diversity, take a luxury private yacht and cruise to the Ria Formosa...

The Ria Formosa is a natural park located in the Algarve's eastern region. It's a well-known nature reserve since upon arrival at Faro regional airport in the Algarve, you will fly over the area and gain a sense of its natural magnificence. The area is characterized by a variety of islands, sandbars, and sandbanks that create a maze of waterways providing natural protection for several marine and avian species.

The region includes three major inlets to the ocean, which have rather strong currents, but it's possible to discover sections within the protected sand bar area that are quiet, warm, and ideal for swimming and playing in the water. On nice days, you may even come across a private beach where you could unwind for a few hours.

The Ria Formosa is fairly large, encompassing the mainland cities of Faro and Olhão as well as island paradises such as Ilha da Armona, Ilha da Culatra, and Ilha do Farol. These islands are without roads and vehicles and thus are ideal for those who enjoy a simple beach existence, flip flops, and nature.




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