Praia de Nossa Senhora do Rocha By Boat

PRAIA DE NOSSA SENHORA DO ROCHA, discover the famous church and sheltered beach from the comfort of a private yacht chartered for the day..

Praia de Nossa Senhora do Rocha (translated as the Beach of Our Lady of the Rock) is a lovely and rustic beach that is surrounded by cliffs, one of which juts out to sea. The result is the creation of a beach area in a secluded cove where boats and bathers can have shelter from the winds.
The historic fort and shrine dedicated to Nossa Senhora da Rocha, is located on the top of the cliff overlooking the water and is considered to be one of the most beautiful sights in the Algarve.

Praia de Nossa Senhora do Rocha is near the world-famous Vila Vita Parc Resort in Porches. This is a particularly popular section of the shoreline, and people flock here during summer season.
The area is a stopover on cruises lasting four hours or more (depending on wind direction), where we frequently anchor nearby for a swimming stop.

Summer months may be quite crowded on the beaches, so exploring the coastline of Praia de Nossa Senhora do Rocha by boat in definitely preferable. While cruising the coast, we will keep an eye out for secluded beaches, some of which are inaccessible by land due to the uneven terrain and cliffs. When the seas are calm, we may anchor close by and swim to some of these beaches.

We recommend cruises lasting at least 5 hours to really explore this length of the coastline, allowing you to seize the opportunity to soak up the sun and fully immerse yourself in the experience.




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Praia de Nossa Senhora do Rocha by boat