Ponta da Piedade

PONTA DA PIEDADE boat trips to explore one of the most beautiful and natural beaches that the Algarve has to offer from along its coastline...

Ponta da Piedade could be considered either a geological accident, or a miracle of mother nature depending on who sets eyes upon its ragged and jagged cliffs. Located near the city of Lagos in the Algarve region of Portugal, Piety's Point (or Ponta da Piedade in portuguese) is a one of a kind combination of rocky structures, uneven ridges and outstanding scenery all around, the perfect mix to be renowned as one the most absolutely beautiful places to visit at least once in your life!

When we say this, we do mean it: it is famous for having a local history with sailors and fishermen as a refuge point dedicated to Nossa Senhora da Piedade, a local saint regarded as a protector of all those that would venture out to sea, hence the name of the location. However, it is believed that it has had visitors all the way back since the Bronze Age, where traces of ancient ruins and currency from Roman times were found!

Classified in 2020 as one of the 10 natural wonders of Portugal, Ponta da Piedade will definitely not disappoint anyone who happens upon its genuine beauty. The rocky archways surrounded by crystal clear blue water are simply breathtaking, especially when viewed from sea. That's why we here at Timeless Moments love to provide our guests the opportunity to visit this sacred, historically-rich and gorgeous spot while out on a yacht charter. Book with us as soon as you can!




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