A Sardinha Restaurant Praia dos Arrifes

A SARDINHA RESTAURANT PRAIA DOS ARRIFES is a regular lunch stop off point on our full day private charters from Vilamoura Marina...

A Sardinha at Praia dos Arrifes by Boat

Praia dos Arrifes is a small, secluded beach nestled near the village of Sesmaries, that is a short drive from Albufeira. Owing to the fact that the beach is bordered by rock formations and has several small rock pools, it is an excellent place for children to explore and play in the soft sands. During the summer months, it is a popular place to stop for lunch on the luxury boat cruises that depart from the nearby Vilamoura Marina.

On the beach at Praia dos Arrifes, there is a fantastic restaurant that has been built in the sand. The restaurant is called "A Sardinha," and it serves a delicious assortment of fresh seafood and local specialties in a beautiful setting right on the beach.

The restaurant has a strong tradition and, during the summer months, it's one of our favourite restaurant destinations for the full-day cruises along the Algarve coast.  We can anchor off shore on cruises lasting longer than 7 hours, at which point the restaurant will deploy a small RIB (dinghy) to bring you over to the beach and to the restaurant.

Visit A Sardinha by boat, its simply the best way to arrive and be the envy of the crowds!

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A Sardinha By Boat