Marriage Proposal in the Algarve

Marriage Proposal in the Algarve

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MARRIAGE PROPOSAL IN THE ALGARVE, there can be no more romantic a place than on a yacht, sipping champagne with an Algarve Sunset....

Marriage Proposal Cruise Algarve Portugal

Firstly, if you are reading this then you must be at a very important point in your life and relationship, you are on the verge of asking the most important question of your life, wow! This can be the begining of a new and wonderful chapter in your life so let's make it special! 

The Algarve is such a romantic destination for couples of all ages, types and tastes. The wonderful beaches, great natual light, sun and of course ocean sunsets make for the perfect backdrop to spend time with the one that you love. 

The Marriage Proposal Cruise is one of our favourites, it gives us all such a lift to see people embarking on a new journey together and to be a part of the special day makes us all feel sublime.  We have done so many mariage proposal cruises that we have lost count, we have some wonderful stories to tell for, and would love to add one more special couple to the memory list. 

We can shape a marriage propsal cruise to any time of the day and for any duration from 2 hours and up. Many people like the idea of the sunset at the end of the trip so a good option can be to sail fom late afternoon to have time to swim and discover the caves, then as the sun sets we can anchor as you ask the question! Glass in hand we can then sail back to Vilamoura Marina and with WIFI onboard the whole world will likely know abaout it by the time we get back. 

We are open to ideas and offer a range of upgrades, Champagne, Roses, Photographer for example, to personalise it. The first step is easy, drop us a message and let's start to plan it from there!


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