Stiltsville By Boat Charter

STILTSVILLE BY BOAT CHARTER. Hire a boat from Miami to explore Stiltsville area and beyond

Stiltsville is an incredible and unique fantasy land destination that is worth a visit for sure. Situated in the Biscayne bay, Miami the seven wooden structures rise from the turquoise waters and make for a truly amazing spectacle. 

Its like the Ying to Miami´s Yang, a harmonious place surrounded by water and with next to no amenities offering a rustic charm and escape from the bustling streets of Miami. With 360 degrees of water around you, no electricity and the sea breeze for air conditioning this is a place to escape from the world for a while. Few people have possibility to stay in these primitive cabins sadly because its truly a one off experience to have the sense of being on a remote island some where. 

Stiltville seems to rise from the ocean as you approach with lovely pastel coloured structures constructed on stilts driving into the sea floor around 1 mile from the southern tip of Key Biscayne. 




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