Nassau yacht charter and Boat Hire

Nassau yacht charter and Boat Hire


NASSAU YACHT CHARTER and Term Charter options for boat hire and rental by day or week.

Discover Nassau by private yacht charter, hire a boat with crew to get the best island experience possible! 

Nassau is the capital city of the Bahamas and is located on the 21 mile long New Providence, it is the 11th largest island in the Bahamas and has a harbors protected by Paradise Island which in itself is a must see destination.

Nassau and Paradise Island are characterized by the crystal clear waters, wonderfully white sandy beaches and of course the regular climate ideal for all maritime activities. Nassau is the perfect base for water sports and is popular base point for diving and exploring the stunning coral reefs and of course deep sea fishing for yellow Tuna and Sailfish. 


Nassau itself is a bustling hive of activity and of course the metropolitan centre so full of modern amenities and a good place to catch up with the world. To the north of Nassau we have paradise Island which is exactly as described boasting 685 acres of pure pleasure including a golf course, casino, restaurants, resorts and all you could imaging to make this great spot live up to its name. 

Visit Nassau and Paradise Island and explore from the comfort or your own private yacht chartered for the day or as a term charter.



All that´s left to do is to choose your boat and lets go! 





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