Marriage Proposal in Miami

Marriage Proposal in Miami

MARRIAGE PROPOSAL IN MIAMI on a luxury yacht. Plan the best possible marriage proposal in style and make the day truly memorable.

If you are ready to take things to the next level and propose marriage then Miami is the perfect place to do it. The next step is to choose the most romantic setting to make the day a memory you will treasure for ever.

The Miami Marriage Proposal Yacht Charter is the perfect option for you, we can choose a boat that suits your budget and tastes, we can organise a schedule to make it more active or keep in simple and romantic with the Miami skyline and a lovely sunset as the backdrop. The options are endless, maybe you would like to invite friends and family? maybe you would like to keep it private with just the two of you? in all cases we are here to help you make it a wonderful day. 

We can plan details in advance and find a great spot to drop anchor when the time is right, our crew can help you with some advice based on their vast experience. 

Miami offers a truly romantic feel and is such a vibrant place that a day on the water in this great city will make for lifetime memories. Remember also that Miami is a great wedding venue and after your successful marriage proposal why not look into gettin married in Miami? The city offers something for everybody and for all tastes.  Maybe consider getting married on a boat? Why not? 

Our selection of boats can be chartered fo a half day or for multiple days so please contact us today to start planning the day and make your marriage proposal a day to remember, Miami style!


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