Cuba yacht charter

CUBA YACHT CHARTER and term charters. Yacht Hire with crew to discover Cuba in style from the comfort a luxury yacht.

Cuba Yacht Charter or Term Charters

Cuba holds a wonderful mystique in the eyes of many and is a place that simply needs to be on your list of destinations to visit. Discovering Cuba on a yacht charter offers many advantages and rewards as the islands boast over 2000 miles of coastlines punctuated with all kinds of wonderful beaches, mangroves, luxury resorts and quaint fishing towns. The beaches boats white powdery sand and jade coloured waters to tempt you as you step into the real world postcard images.

It is a nation of colour and as such its shores are surrounded by beauty and diversity of marine life and vistas.

Cuba as a destination for yacht charters is booming and growing year on year as the mix of Caribbean chill and scenery with the vibes of the Cuban culture fuse to give a truly authentic experience for the travellers.


Cuba has many national parks and of which several are on the coast unsurprisingly so discovering Cuba from the luxury of a private yacht charter is without question the best way to explore this marvel of a place. Bay of Pigs and Havanna are absolute must visit locations but just represent a small percentage of wonderful sites to visit such as: 





Santiago de Cuba

María La Gorda

Don´t miss the chance to discover Cuba in style an from the comfort of your own private yacht.




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