Burj Al Arab Dubai

Burj Al Arab Dubai

The wonderful Burj Al Arab captures the wonders of the UAE and the region in one architectural splendour making it a bucket list destination.

The Burj Al Arab is one the most iconic (if not the single most iconic) buildings in Dubai, probably even in the entire United Arab Emirates. 


Built on the very first artificial island ever made in Dubai (purposefully constructed to support a large structure with a specific layout), the Burj Al Arab is an absolute must-see for any visitor in the city. With its unique design made to resemble a ship’s sail and a helipad on the roof itself, it’s definitely flashy in the usual advertisement to visit Dubai, and of course with good reason. With all of its features and services available, it has captured the hearts of tourists and locals alike.  

Among these are the exquisite rooms and suites, with thematic designs taking influence from Muslim culture with intricate styles and mosaic tile patterns. But from all of these, the lone standout would be the Royal Suite, one of the most expensive hotel suites in the world, sporting decoration that would make anyone feel like they belong to Arab royalty! This is further complemented by the shuttle service (using Rolls-Royces and nothing less), helicopter reception and the right to visit the island’s own private beach.  

With all the sights to see and activities to do in Dubai, one can’t also forget to acquire some well-deserved meals in order to stock up on energy when going out exploring! So, the Burj Al Arab has got you covered in that department thanks to the six restaurants located inside the hotel, each one offering their own culinary experience, but with all of them offering the most exquisite quality of cuisine available. Naturally, each restaurant also sports its own theme, with the fan-favorite being Al Mahara (meaning “oyster” in Arabic), whose access is made to emulate an underwater voyage in a submarine, not to mention that inside you’ll find a large seawater tank filled with exotic species of fish, thus providing a truly marine touch to your dining experience. 

With all that said, if you’re still not convinced, we at Timeless Moments obviously provide marine tours that happen to pass by the hotel, so that you can witness its great splendor from another perspective, which from a luxury yacht charter goes in complete tandem with the splendor yielded from seeing the hotel both from the outside and from the inside! 


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