Bimini Islands Yacht Charter

Bimini Islands Yacht Charter


BIMINI ISLANDS YACHT CHARTER and term Charter options with a large selection of luxury boats available to discover the wonderful Bimini islands

Bimini Term Charters and Boat Rental

Located just 50 miles off Florida’s coast, Bimini are the closest Bahamian islands to Miami and are ideal for a weekend escape. 

Bimini consists of two main islands: North Bimini Island, South Bimini Island and numerous cays. Despite being only 7 miles long the islands offer a wonderful escape and an array of things to do from diving to dolphin watching and exploring sunken shipwrecks. Bimini has a very laid back feel and it really does feel like another world especially if you sail here from Miami for a term charter, its like entering a different universe. Along with the wonderful white beaches and chilled vibes the islands do have some interesting history from Ponce de Leon apparently lured there 500 years ago in search of the famed fountain of youth through to more recent times as a liquor store during the years of prohibition in mainland US. "Rumrunners" used the islands as a base to get their product to the USA and keen explorers can discover some of the wrecks around the islands. The SS Sapona offers just such an adventure and a wonderful spot for snorkeling and surrounding yourself with thousands of tropical fish as you rediscover the "ghost ship".

Bimini Road is a underwater rock formation and key attraction of the islands definitely worth discovering - an example of one of the many attractions only possible to visit by boat and why discovering the islands by boat is the only real way to get to the heart of them and immerse yourself in treasures of the region.

Bimini Big Game Fishing

Bimini is situated on the edge of a stream of warm waters emulating from the gulf stream which pushes tropical waters north and with it creates some of the best game fishing in the world and has documented many record catches. Bimini remains on to the best Sport Fishing destination and a hub for Big Game fishing in the region. The prevalence of fishing is even seen in the name of the Marina being called "Big Game Marina".


Bimini By Boat

Bimini is located more or less 3 hours from Miami and South Beach so all that is left to do is choose the boat that suits you best and whether a term charter or a day charter let us know your ideas and we can make it happen. See a selection of boats HERE or drop us a message on the enquiry page. 





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